code for muslims in australia

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    code for muslims in australia
    no talk of abomination
    specially in sydney
    digest ya disgust
    avert ya aversion
    remove ya reprove

    after all the mardi gras
    preserves the vencha
    that you may feel
    deserves the cencha
    an call no man a poof
    unless he aint
    in which case its good manners

    torkin bout manners
    ya ol bastard
    ows the missus
    up the duff
    mines got the rags
    coodnt giver one last night
    your shout yagunt
    far corf ya bludga
    oodavuk bankrolld the dope

    and when ya knocka sheila up
    slip the ol man free undred
    to get fings in order
    an chuck eggs at dem lifers wif the placards out da front
    an insult to uman rights dey is
    an no boastin bout ya exploits!
    except when ya gets pissed at da pokies

    and no swearin unless da sheilas are almost out of earshot
    then say
    scuse me french
    wif a wry grin

    respect all women and children

    the rest is just general stuff that applies to all florins
    no eatin dogs in public unless dere on a lead
    no spittin in mackas or chuckin
    the pickle out
    an all that stuff

    once ya the xact same as us
    ow will we know the difference
    so tell ya sheilas to keep wearin dem oods
    we useta ave boodiss an cafliks an aborigines an everyfink
    no irish jokes ok
    or tasman

    be purposeful constructive reverent and community minded
    xcept juss learn to ate fings that are different
    most important of all
    try to be somefin other than a dill or a goose ya geek

    dago integration council (dic)

    an no more knockin on doors wif little booklets

    or shakin tins at traffic lights

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