coalition cover up. worse ir laws to come

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    Mr Howard will not release drafts of the workplace changes, despite Labor claims of a 'cover-up'.

    Related Link: Australia Votes 2007 The Coalition is facing accusations of a pre-election cover-up over plans for new industrial relations laws.

    Channel Seven says Prime Minister John Howard's department drafted a second wave of industrial relations laws in 2005, but later scrapped the idea.

    The Government has now blocked a Freedom of Information request to make those plans public.

    Labor calls it a pre-election cover-up, but the Government argues the idea has been dumped and so the information is not in the public interest.

    "Why should we believe what comes from this Government about WorkChoices when they didn't tell Australians the truth before the last election," Labor deputy leader Julia Gillard said.

    "If they had nothing to hide then they would be releasing those documents.

    "Instead they fought tooth and nail for more than two years to keep those documents secret."

    The Coalition has repeatedly promised it will not make further changes to its workplace laws.

    The claims come as a new opinion poll points to a Labor election victory on Saturday.

    Today's Newspoll in The Australian has Labor ahead of the Coalition on a two-party preferred basis, 54 per cent to 46.

    John Howard has made up some ground as preferred Prime Minister, but Kevin Rudd is still in front.
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