coalition banned cattle export to egypt 2006

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    Thought it important enough to start a new thread highlighting Valen1828s post that shows a precedent to ban live cattle exports where inhumane treatment was involved. The Coalition introduced an immediate ban to be followed by an investigation on the export of livestock to Egypt on the grounds of animal cruelty. hopefully this will take the heat out of the politics in this debate as politics ought not cloud our positions on the issue. Quote from Valen1828s post follows:

    "Cattle Trade Ban Over Cruelty
    The Age

    Monday February 27, 2006


    THE export of live cattle to Egypt has been banned until the Egyptian Government proves its abattoirs are not severely mistreating animals.

    Channel Nine's 60 minutes program last night showed footage of what is believed to be Australian cattle having their leg tendons slashed to disable them before slaughter at Cairo's Bassatin abattoir"
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