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    Thought it was time for a new thread!! There is much about re Underground Coal Gasification and subsequent Gas to Liquids (Clean Diesel and Aero Fuel) plus by products in Fertiliser industry... Companies like LNC and CNX both have operating demo plants doing one or other..
    BUT we are tied up with ROG who are in turn tied up with RER who in turn have bought world patients for COAL to LIQUIDS Underground!! Yes you heard me Processing coal to Liquids underground!!
    Now as most of us know RG from ROG is also tied up with EIR who are in turn tied up with Pacific GTL and Sunstate GTL. They are all in turn tied up with AMEC a German company with $3.5B projects!! in the mining industry.. If you are still with me RER are also working on "Enhanced Biogenic Methane" and have $3.8M in place for a demo plant!!
    The connection is ROG and Rohan Gillespie who apart from past BHP fame is involved in ROG,RER, EIR and to be sure is a mate of JH!!

    So where am I coming from??
    Though it seems on the surface we are tied up with BG for gas.. think about this!!.. The enormous depth of coal we seem to have lends itself more to Underground Coal to Liquids than CSM!! And we have a mate that's knows all about UCTL!!
    Now as I understand it UGC needs two lateral holes an ignition /control vertical hole and a vertical collection hole.
    Well from what I can glean on Underground Coal to Liquids it only needs a conventional vertical drill hole using easily available mining equipment to pump down high pressure high temperature team and catalysts (W10) and bring up liquids for processing from same hole.. No concern about subsidence..water tables or degradation of the landscape..nor an above ground expensive GTL plant!!
    DOES NOT CTP MASSIVE COAL DEPTHS SHINE IN THIS CONCEPT!!And remember RG a partner is right into this!!
    Appreciate your thoughts!!
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