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    The report doesn't tell us much yet. When ESG was drilling they gave fortnightly reports so when scrolling back over them same wells were started and finished in the two weeks.

    At 6 o'clock this morning CMB93004 was in the Purni Formation (a Permian strata, older than Jurrassic). The Purni was encountered at 502metres. The numbers for depths wont be accurate until logging at the end. But it seems that there is 15 metres of coal from 545m-560m. This could be a continuous seam (very good news)but we wont know until the logs at the end. A bit of background gas 1-3 units, very small , probably doesn't mean much but happy for someone who knows more to correct me. Also may be as they keep drilling this seam might be bigger we have to wait and see.
    As the drilling continues we should see episodes of coal seams interspersed with Purni Formation without coal seams.

    If you look back at my previous post of the ESG wells, I showed the results for the Black Jack Formation and the Maules Creek Formation (also Permian). The chart showed the total for the Formation followed by how much of the coal was in the Seam of interest.

    eg. BW11 had a total of 17metres of total coal seams in the Black Jack Formation of which 9m was in the Hoskissons Seam (the main seam of interest in that Formation.


    So far compared to the ESG wells CBM93004 has its coal several 100's metres shallower. But we don't know which seams will be the important ones yet. I am very relieved as our worst nightmare was to drill and find no coal. 15metres is certainly not nothing.
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