No where is the barometric change in climate ? Thats the...

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    No where is the barometric change in climate ?

    Thats the pressure of displacement in the atmosphere is it not ?

    Hey we look listen and learn we are not about jump on some new metric when the sea level is not rising and barometric pressure still changes all the time .

    Highs lows swap in our climate in Australia each year .

    In fact its so close to nature a spring can run or stop simply on weight of the atmosphere we can agree to understand that .

    What we cant agree on is the effect it has on temperature and sea levels rising and all the other stuff that has henny penny saying coal is dead when in fact its consumption is rising .

    Try your air conditioner out and see if you can do it with the atmosphere taking into account in the seventies we were facing a new ice age !

    There was perhaps even more shitty pollution controls back then but it was cooling we were facing but less population .

    I dont have a problem with burning rubbish if it has a run effect of being an energy source not wasted .

    In fact i see pollution and global problems more in tune with population rise than i do with any other factor thats causes anything .

    Pick it apart other than the rum which is a global commodity even traded as money in our country at one stage .

    Tell me what is so wrong that global coal consumption is rising and its not a first world problem but a third world problem ?
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