Oh well Bangladesh was the first country to inroduce the plastic...

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    Oh well Bangladesh was the first country to inroduce the plastic bag ban and building a coal fired power station ?

    Remember they are going be one of the first countries sink under global warming and the rise in sea levels!

    Have you seen any scientific studies suggest we still have evaporation of water over the ocean to suggest even if all the ice melts there is evaporation to consider ?

    Time for gas to escape to the atmosphere is interesting as much of it relies on the fact its not going escape and sits heavier above another gas ?

    Ie they still have take into account its going go somewhere ?

    I can put ice cubes in my rum and coke the level does not change when it melts .

    Thats being it has past its densest point to it expansion point .

    Ie its volume changes by displacement.

    When i have drink ive got evaporation from the same level of the ice .

    Volume of coal being sold is irrelevant as its rising !

    The population is rising and they are using coal and fossil fuel .

    Get the population under control and falling is a better answer imo

    Me i can have five six ten ice cubes in my glass of rum right down to a glass with just ice only and no rum i know the space my glass was full at full of ice is no where near the level of what i can drink consume if it was just liquid only.

    Think thats strange then think evaporation .
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