Every economist knows renewables are cheaper than coal. No...

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    Every economist knows renewables are cheaper than coal. No subsidies here. It's a fact that fossil fuels are pricier than solar and wind which is why coal fired power stations are shutting down. (Such as Port Augusta and Victoria) its not about Greenies telling the coal industry what to do, thats rubbish propaganda spread by the change-fearing coal community. Energia and other companies are closing their coal fired power stations because they are no longer economically viable. (Energia CEO is quoted as stating this fact and AGL too!!) Renewable energy, not subsidised as the coal lobbyists falsley claim, is the hands down winner and that is gradually overtaking the 200 year old technology of burning millions of tons of coal to boil water to generate steam to power turbines / generators. The technology is so outdated it is embarrassing to listen to the knuckle draggers waxing on about the benefits of this highly toxic deadly polluting method of producing power. The coal proponents are simply a self interest mob who are scared of the change that is coming. No need, there are so many opportunities in renewables and it needs to be embraced because it is slowly but surely taking over from dirty coal.
    (PS I have 3.5kw solar array on my home and we really dont need coal for electricity in my city soon and our coal power station will eventually close too).
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