JUNE 5, 2020tags: Met OfficeBy Paul Homewood h/t Ian...

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    JUNE 5, 2020

    By Paul Homewood

    h/t Ian Magness/Philip Bratby


    A top climate scientist has called for more investment in climate computing to explain the UK’s recent topsy turvy weather.

    Prof Tim Palmer from Oxford University said there were still too many unknowns in climate forecasting.

    And in the month the SpaceX launch grabbed headlines, he said just one of the firm’s billions could transform climate modelling.

    Short-term weather forecasting is generally very accurate.

    And long-term trends in rising temperatures aren’t in doubt.

    But Prof Palmer says many puzzles remain unsolved: take the recent weird weather in the UK, with the wettest February on record followed by the sunniest Spring.


    We keep giving the Met Office millions for new computers, and it is always on the same premise – better forecasting. Yet they still appear to be totally unable to forecast the weather even a month in advance.

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