c'mon in, but ignore the bong, if you don't mi

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    Come in - ignore the bong
    ? ?DAVID KILLICK ? | ? January 28, 2011 03.08pm

    A LENAH VALLEY man has learned the hard way not to invite police into his home for a chat when there is a recently-used bong sitting on the coffee table.

    Fabian Christopher Peterson, 19, pleaded guilty to using a controlled plant and possessing a thing for the administration of a drug in the Hobart Magistrates Court today.

    The court heard police went to Peterson's home on August 28 last year to investigate reports of a domestic dispute.

    When the unemployed man invited them in, they spotted the bong and asked him if it was his.

    Peterson said he'd used it just minutes before.

    "I'd just had an argument with my missus and I'd had a few cones to calm my nerves,'' he told the court.

    Peterson, who was convicted last April for cultivating cannabis, told the court that he was already paying off $2400 in fines.

    Magistrate Catherine Rheinberger fined Peterson $200.

    "You understand that if you continue to use or grow cannabis you are going to constantly find yourself in front of the courts,'' she said.

    Mr Peterson said he could not understand the actions of police.

    "They left me with the dope'' he said.

    "They took the bong but left the dope. I don't see what the point it."

    Mrs Rheinberger told him to take that up with the police.

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