c'mon belgium, c'mon c'mon.

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    Have a look at Page 5, todays Herld Sun.

    Article Indons named over Timor

    It goes on to say that UN prosecutors have indicted former Indonesian Defense Minister and military chief Wiranto, for crimes against humanity in 1999.

    The article then goes on to say that the Indonesian Government immediately announced it would ignore the charges against Wiranto (who now holds ambitions to run for President).

    It goes on to say that money used to support pro-Jakarta militia, was drawn from Indonesian government funds.

    Arrest warrants had been requested and would be forwarded to the Indonesian A.G office and to Interpol.

    (Here comes the good part)

    Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda said his country would simply ignore the UN indictments.

    “He (Wiranto) is a free man, why take action” said Wirayuda. “who gave them (the U.N) the mandate to indict Indonesians, under what basis, what authority”.

    UN prosecutors have so far filed charges against 170 people, including Indonesian troops and militia, but Jakarta has failed to hand anyone over for trial.

    Belgium, where are you? This is right up your alley. These crimes occurred in 1999.

    Hypocrites that you are!

    At least Sharon had to face the Kahan Commission of Enquiry and there are no UN or Interpol charges/warrants against him.

    Why are you looking the other way now?

    Don’t bother answering.

    We know the TRUTH!

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