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    *copied from my previous posts*

    For those hung up on the viability of CM8's q&a.
    For An app like "what would jesus say", Would I ever use it? No not in a million years. And probably several posters here will never use any of these apps. Clearly the non users generate no revenue for CM8
    HOWEVER my personal preference, or the preference of many other individuals is TOTALLY irrelevant to the CM8 business. The bottom line is there are thousands of users who do like these apps and this is cm8's market.
    So fortunately CM8 are not directing their marketing at Hot copper posters. They are directing their marketing to the demographic of current users. Places such as latin america and mid west USA are potentially huge users of the "what would jesus say" app. They live and breathe the bible.
    Saying that the viability of the Q&A is dubiuos because itvdoes not suit your personal needs is like saying that microsoft's business is dubious because you are an apple user.
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