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clough,monodelphous and recovery

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    The recovery of Clough is well underway which is shown best on a monthly chart. It is worth comparing Monodelphous with Clough as they are both W.Australian based.MND has just announced a 75 cent dividend [12 months] on a revenue of $243 million...a profit of $7.07 million. Cloughs turnover is 4 times that, doesn't make a profit or pay a dividend. All this is going to change with the new CEO, I am sure the heat is being applied in the right areas. With such a huge turnover the right person should be able to release value. Cash in the bank is healthy and the NW Shelf Gorgon gasfield development in the wings...decision expected early September. With nickel hitting new highs it is worth remembering that CLO has a 12% interest in 4 nickel mines previously owned by WMC which must be making good profits. I see Clough being over $1 in the next 6 months in a straight line advance.
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