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clouds of sparrow.

  1. 3,069 Posts.
    Clouds of sparrows that my name.
    Ramping stocks is my game.

    Is there anyone better then spinning the sh#t.
    Apart from Billy and cousin itt.

    I know not what i say,i can tell you all that.
    Its all the years of playing with my bat.

    Ramping has cost me my old nic, as you all know.
    But i`m back again now, for another ramping show

    I`ll ramp this stock up,if the last thing i do.
    And stiff for you suckers, if your money goes down the loo.

    Kellygirl is a very honest person,as you all know.
    He said that this stock, is not ready to go.
    But we will keep ramping,yes me and the crew.
    To see if by ramping,a dollar it will get through.

    Its been hard on us rampers trying to get this one to go.
    But me and the gang will keep trying you know.

    Clouds of sparrow is not my only nic,that i won`t deny.
    But the others i got,i use also to lie.

    Kellygirl you make it hard for us trying to ramp.
    Can i offer you a spot in our ramping camp.
    If you don`t join, i will understand.
    After all kellygirl,your a geniune man.

    But we will keep ramping, trying to get this to go.
    Because thats what we do is ramp,this you already know.

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