Closing the Gap Report disappointing

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    With the release today of the 'Closing the Gap Report', the ill-conceived and insensitive budget cuts made by Tony Abbott's Government has added to the mess he's already brought on himself.

    Revelations in the report included that:
    . We are NOT on track to close the life expectancy gap within a generation [by 2031]
    . We are NOT on track to ensure all indigenous four year olds in remote communities have access to early childhood education
    . We are NOT on track to halve the gap on employment and literacy and numeracy targets

    As Bill Shorten exposed the impact of Abbott's budget cuts, some of Abbott's own MPs even fled the HOR Chamber!

    Well the LNP stands in disgrace as leading Aborigines called for politicians to actually listen to them and to stop the ill-conceived cuts that Abbott has overseen as the Minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs.

    Today is yet another day of shame for Abbott's dreadful government that hasn't even made a start on that promise to hold a referendum to recognise the proper place of Aborigienes in the Constitution within 12 months of taking office.
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