AGM 6.00% $2.12 australian governance & ethical index fund

closes at 1.105

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    The market for AGM closed at $1.105 - unusual.

    1,080,000 trades at the closing price auction at $1.105 - including one trade of 693,743 shares for $766,586.02.

    Very ballsy given the current cicumstances - thats not some young buck having a two-bob bet on a 100 to one shot at the track.

    I guess when you do the maths, it's not that big a risk.

    If no other offer comes along, this person will lose $3486.71 on the trade (by taking ZFX's $1.10)

    If in the faint chance another bidder comes along, this person will make $6,937.43 for every cent above $1.10 bid.

    Game move but too rich for my blood.
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