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    From what I understand from contacts in Chile, the Punitaqui operation is now CLOSED and at least one local Chilean bank is in hot pursuit of its money, so I dont know how that bodes for expectant investors...

    Added to that, the equipment suppliers have repossessed their machines, the senior local Chilean managers have resigned en masse (which is unusual as they forfeit their right to severance) and some 450 employees are left without being paid.

    Of substantially more interest to me, being on the sidelines, is exactly how the whole fiasco will play out. What with flashy statements in the media about the value of the shares, poorly though out (being exceedingly generous) acquisitions like Iberian, which in reality, is what brought the whole mess to a conslusion. Plans for offices in London to manage the far flung empire.

    An acquisition in Copper, I could have understood. Something other than Copper, but also in the same geographical region, I could have understood...but another metal in a completely distinct region (without even any language commonality) ?

    I honestly think someone who has lost money on TMR (which I have not) really should write to ASIC and the other related watchdogs and lodge a complaint, or these people will move on to other unsuspecting victims.

    But I am sure Mr Callaghan is comfortable...
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