Clive calls for Joe Hockey to be sacked

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    Clive Palmer calls for Joe Hockey to be sacked over unpopular budget measures

    By political reporter James Bennett
    Updated 34 minutes agoWed 11 Feb 2015, 8:36am
    PHOTO: Clive Palmer says it's time to "throw out" Joe Hockey as Treasurer.(AAP: Alan Porritt)
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    Clive Palmer has called for Treasurer Joe Hockey to be sacked over a number of unpopular measures in the Government's budget.
    The Treasurer has been under pressure with reports some Liberal colleagues believe his performance in selling the budget message has not been good enough and that they want him replaced.
    Mr Palmer, leader of the Palmer United Party, says Mr Hockey's affirmation that the Government still intends to pursue changes to Medicare and higher education shows he does not understand how to stimulate the economy.
    "Its time to throw the guy out because we can't continue to affect peoples lives the way they're continuing to do it," Mr Palmer told ABC News Breakfast.
    "The Prime Minister said he would listen. If he's really listening, people don't want these cuts.
    "We live in a democracy, goodbye Joe Hockey."
    Mr Hockey told ABC's 7.30 last night the Government should have staggered the release of its financial plans instead of trying to fit everything into the 2014 budget.
    "There's an argument that we shouldn't have put everything into the budget immediately, that we should have staggered it during the course of the year," he said.
    "But we have no choice, we cannot continue to ignore the future."
    More to come.
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