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    Azonto Petroleum Limited ("Azonto" or the "Company") to acquire Clipfort The Company is pleased to announced that it has executed a binding term sheet to acquire Clipfort LTD BV (Clipfort) which owns intellectual property (directly and under license) relating to the GoSafe ID Mag, fingerprint-activated gun magazine, designed to provide responsible gun owners with a better solution for the safe transport, storage and use of their firearms. HIGHLIGHTS • GoSafe ID Mag is an innovative gun safety solution designed to help prevent unauthorized and unintentional shootings • Planned product fitment across popular handguns and rifles without any gun modifications • Once inserted, the GoSafe ID Mag shifts to safe mode: the magazine locks inside the firearm and prevents pulling the trigger, even if there is a bullet in the chamber • An ultrafast and highly reliable capacitive touch sensor provides instant access only to gun owner and permitted users • GoSafe ID Mag equipped with an internal rechargeable battery which last more than 6 months based on daily product interaction • GoSafe ID Mag equipped with a high security mechanical overriding key • 310 million privately owned firearms in the US - 47% of US households. • 68 million hand gun owners - 40 million own a gun for protection •
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