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    *** Sorry If this has been posted before but I couldn't remember seeing this.

    This is from the Yale School of Medicine's web site and is a summary of the Ovarian cancer trials that are taking place

    Phase IB/II Study of Phenoxodiol in Patients With Recurrent Ovarian, Fallopian And Primary Peritoneal Cancer That is Resistant to Second Line Chemotherapy

    I. Description of Study
    A. Purpose
    The primary objective of the study is to gain an indication of the efficacy and safety/tolerability of phenoxodiol when given as a third-line therapy to patients with advanced, recurrent Ovarian, Fallopian and Primary Peritoneal Cancer.

    B. Background
    Ovarian cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer related death in women in the United States. It is the leading cause of cancer death from gynecologic malignancies. In 2002, it is estimated that 23,300 new cases will be diagnosed in the United States and 13,900 deaths will occur1(Anonymous, 2002. CA Cancer J Clin 52: 23-47. One out of one hundred women will die from ovarian cancer. The high mortality is largely related to the absence of early symptoms. Approximately 80% of patients are diagnosed in advanced stages of the disease. Even in properly diagnosed patients with stage I or II disease, the five year survival ranges from 50 to 90% depending on the degree of tumor differentiation. Patients will respond to initial chemotherapy in 80 – 90% of cases, yet less than 10 – 15% will remain in remission. Advances in treatment have led to improved five year survival, approaching 45%, however there have been no advances made in overall survival. One way to improve survival may be by influencing the apoptotic pathways.
    Phenoxodiol has proven to fulfill these objectives both in vitro and in vivo. (***this is the sentence I like)

    *** I hold NRT stock and will hold for the distinct possibility that this may be the most important biotech in the world within 2 years..... In an era of biotechs, Novogen will be the leader.

    Cheers - do your own research

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