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    You are among the small minority of conservatives that either don't believe in global warming and its consequences or are merely bugling for the rich corporates in high emissions producing industries.

    Focussing on the high emissions producing industries is where we can get the most impact in order to diminish the negative consequences. IMO most people want industry to innovate and to convert in a structured well planned way to less harmful technologies into the future.

    Leadership is needed and govt is the vehicle to provide that leadership using incentives and regulation to promote the necessary changes. Unfortunately it seems to be that the current govt is lagging more so than industry as the latter wants govt to provide certainty in the relevant areas so they can confidently proceed to invest in emissions reducing technology. Without such regulatory certainty, industry that wants to do the right thing can be held to ransom by rogue individuals and companies that will continue with dirty technologies at the expense of those that do want to do the right thing.

    Deflecting from the main game as you do is just a ploy. You say you want us as people to give up all the comforts of life first when the reality is you don’t really believe that. Its just deflecting from the fact that it’s in industry where the big changes should and can be can be made. People will then tend to follow and become more responsible in their life choices. Many are already using solar power and purchasing homewares that are more energy responsible.
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