Just a quick point.Funny how many climate change folk who flap...

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    Just a quick point.

    Funny how many climate change folk who flap on and do exactly nothing to change their own habits.

    Stop using your mobile phones (90kg of co2 to produce), turn the lights off, driving and flying to holidays, use less hot water, buy long life electrical products and start making your own lattes with candles.

    Fairfax goes on and on about this yet it has the countries largest news paper carbon footprint. The ABC has the largest tv/radio network burning power 24 hours a day. Al Gore owns a private jet and got mega rich telling others what to fear and do.

    If the climate folk really want to make a difference then change your life styles before expecting others to do it and think about the real world other than parroting the stuff you read in the fear mongering press. It starts at home if you really want to make a difference other than a noise.

    In this universe (not a parallel one), everything you eat, drive, fly in and generally use creates a footprint. That includes all these people buying electric cars. Very few things are free. Don't even mention recycling them.

    Things will change over time and even if everyone woke up tomorrow believing in this, it cant be fixed by building a wind turbine farm.

    Would be nice to see a greater focus on pollution, not just on a gas. If anyone invented shampoo today, you would not be able to use it as it pollutes the food chain and our water ways, but i bet we all use it and watch climate change programs on big flat TV screens while eating home delivered triple meat pizzas. Do what i say, but not as i do. Politics to a tee.

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