One of the key takeaways in any discussion with people who are...

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    One of the key takeaways in any discussion with people who are keen to infringe upon the rights of others is their total lack of inquisitiveness. Take the Walrus Tragedy Porn incident.

    When mentioned we get this response "The climate deniers made up a BS story about polar bears chasing Walruses off the cliffs." That's news to the Siberian Times who published such an event on 17 October 2017. The article goes on to describe that a number of polar bears had remained in the area after the incident surrounding the village including one trying to force itself through a window.

    So unless the local newspaper has decided to publish a totally fake incident of polar bears forcing walruses off a cliff 18 MONTHS BEFORE the Netflix film comes out, just in case such a film was to come out, so deniers could discredit the film. We can therefore surmise, with great confidence, that this event did indeed take place.

    The film crew are there not long after. We know polar bears are still around because they are seen in the 'Behind The Scenes' video.

    We know they are in the same area as the reported incident in the Siberian Times as the site has been identified by several sources.

    We know 'haulouts' happen and that they have happened for many many decades (at least).

    We know its autumn so sea ice is beginning to form in the area. This haulout does not occur in the middle of winter.

    An interesting development, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Services "Walruses often flee haulouts en masse in response to the sight, sound, and especially odours from humans and machines." Do we have a possible reason for the walrus stampede?
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