"The second episode, Frozen Worlds, includes distressing footage...

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    "The second episode, Frozen Worlds, includes distressing footage of walruses falling to their deaths while trying to scramble down cliffs. The images have received widespread media coverage.The sequence begins with Sir David describing a shoreline packed with Pacific walruses: “The far north-eastern coast of Russia. This is the largest gathering of walrus on the planet. Over a hundred thousand have hauled out on one single beach. They do so out of desperation, not out of choice. Their natural home is out on the sea ice. But the ice has retreated away to the north, and this is the closest place to the feeding grounds where they can find rest."

    I tell you who needs walruses...polar bears! The critters that drove the walruses off the cliff.

    "Canadian zoologist Dr Susan Crockford is all over itcalling it Walrus Tragedy Porn. Apparently, the Attenborough footage is from 19 October 2017 in Ryrkaypiy, Siberia which was overrun with polar bears that terrorised the walruses. Five thousand walruses were herded to a cliff. Hundreds were driven over the edge to their deaths, and afterwards the polar bears feasted off McWalrus on the rocks."

    Apparently, it’s happened before and hasnothing to do with sea ice:

    “We have records of walrus haulouts that arenearly a century old, including some from this part of the Arctic. The ideathat walruses are being driven on shore by sea-ice decline is entirelyincorrect. They have always done so. In fact there are reports of walrusesfalling over cliffs from long before the age of global warming too. Sir David’sstory about climate change appears to be just that – a fable.”

    Walrus Tradegy Porn. You can look it up when your alone at night...

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