The propaganda machine of climate change deniers, with the...

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    The propaganda machine of climate change deniers, with the Global Warming Policy Foundation acting as its engine, has been in overdrive again this week, attempting to spread inaccurate and misleading information about a new television programme narrated by Sir David Attenborough.<br>As deniers claim there is no retreating sea ice other than the seasonal retreat (again a totally false lie), the facts clearly show there is and Antarctica has also had unprecedented events such as ancient ice shelfs cracking and separating from the continent. <br><br>Declining sea ice near the north pole is causing walrus deaths, The second episode, Frozen Worlds, includes distressing footage of walruses falling to their deaths while trying to scramble down cliffs. The images have received widespread media coverage.The sequence begins with Sir David describing a shoreline packed with Pacific walruses: “The far north-eastern coast of Russia. This is the largest gathering of walrus on the planet. Over a hundred thousand have hauled out on one single beach. They do so out of desperation, not out of choice. Their natural home is out on the sea ice. But the ice has retreated away to the north, and this is the closest place to the feeding grounds where they can find rest.<br><br>The usual retorts by climate deniers is pathetic comments such as in response to the EU parliament taking action on climate deniers saying 'The EU is fcuked ' or who needs Walruses. The intelligence of the deniers as a whole is also questionable.<br>
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