ExxonMobil faces EU parliament ban after no show at climate...

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    ExxonMobil faces EU parliament ban after no show at climate hearing.
    Maybe it is time HC moderators ban the denialists who spread their nonsense on this forum. This is like a coal forum where denialists come out and say we've all been duped, coal doesn't exist. Can we just leave the conspiracy theorists out of this forum please.

    ExxonMobil is most likely to lose its lobby privileges at the European parliament after the company failed to show up for the first hearing into climate change denial. This is also because the oil giant has drawn the ire of scientists, academics and environmentalists, who accuse it of peddling climate misinformation.
    Geoffrey Supran, a Harvard University research fellow, detailed ExxonMobil’s public forays into global warming debate and its funding relationship with groups who sow doubt through misinformation about human-caused climate change.
    Supran said: “It is the overwhelming consensus of experts studying the history of fossil fuel funding that companies, including ExxonMobil, have orchestrated, funded and perpetuated climate misinformation to mislead the public and politicians, and stifle action.
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