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    Breathless climate reporting told us of an extraordinary 2020 hurricane season
    Yes. It was extraordinary. Extraordinarily weak
    Globally 2020 was one of the *weakest* in past 40 years
    Accumulated Cyclone Energy was 76% of average (1980-2010).
    How is this possible, when we were constantly told about the 2020 'record' hurricanes?
    This is because there were *more* hurricane energy in the North Atlantic
    But most climate reporting conveniently left out that there was much less hurricane energy in the other regions: Western Pacific, Eastern Pacific and the Southern Hemisphere. Indeed, for each hemisphere and globally, 2020 was much lower than average.
    Clearly, we're not well served, when climate reporting only tells us about where things are worse, and neglect to tell us that things are much better more places.

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