Wrong Red, IMO!!You should do some OBJECTIVE research on that...

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    Wrong Red, IMO!!

    You should do some OBJECTIVE research on that 97% - it is rubbish!

    No, you will not know in a decade. You will need to be around until approx 2045. I have a side bet and intend to be around to collect!!

    I would not be using words like "delusional bias" - it has the habit of coming back and biting you in the [email protected]!! Them words mean nothing actually - absolutely nothing!

    BTW, while you are doing some research, have a look at some of the key predictions by the IPCC - all turned out to be WRONG!! And they did come back and "apologise". If they were anywhere near the mark, Armageddon would have befallen us a long time ago! But you can keep waiting. Also have a look at that "shyster", Mann, and his battle with Steve McIntyre. Maybe you would also like to research the scores of books (over a hundred?) criticising the IPCC!!

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