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    CH, Don't give up! Twin Lions was a setback but by no means the end of the region, far from it.

    Hovea, Jingemia, Cliffhead have proven high producing oil reservoirs can be found, and Apache likes the large, high quality reservoir sands in Morangie. They are now running seismic looking for valid structures.

    I think one of the problem with Twin Lions was that there were far too many faults (see AWE presentation), it was fault-city! The partners will have to go over the remaining prospects looking for valid traps. I'm sure they'll take a close look at Lead A and Ridgeback.

    If Vindara is a success then that will upgrade Lead A, which can be drilled from ONSHORE! hint hint! Also, Freshwater point in EP413P is on that same trend so it Freshwater and Vindara both come in ... Hardman are pushing to drill freshwater point and 2 others near Jingemia soon, I assume after leafcutter?

    Apache are also pushing hard on their newly farmed into Perth basin acreage, running seismic and I bet it won't take a year before there's a rig drilling wells in WA226P, WA325P and/or WA327P.

    keep the faith! :)
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