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    The news last week was met with a lukewarm response, many of the posts' seem to indicate that Malaysia shortchanged Lynas once again and it seems like we are spinning our wheels making absolutely no progress. I must admit that on the surface Malaysia offered little in the way of compromise and it sure looks like the six month re-license period is a short period of time to fulfill the requirements for a permanent license...

    Look at it this way, things are changing for the better albeit slowly. Approx one year ago on July 9, Yeo created a government committee to investigate the Lynas affair, that committee was to be led by Wong Tack and Fuzzy. We were all dismayed and many thought it would be the end of Lynas, it was quick action by Amanda to stave off that action. Another example, it took Fuzzy until December of last year to withdraw from Lynas review committee but she was replaced by someone mare attuned to science...

    Looking back, it was a period of political turmoil that rivaled the financial crisis in earlier days. Talk about uncertainty, the entire Lynas future was in the hands of a few scientifically challenged politicians who's chemistry prowess leaves them mystified by the reaction of dry ice in water...

    The initial divide among Malaysians on this issue was deep and wide. IMO it would have been unwise for Malaysia to completely exonerate Lynas given the political machine of Fuzzy and company. Complete exoneration would only serve to anger the opposition, it pays to take baby steps when you are in tadika (kindergarten) land and and a bit of compromise is a small price to pay when you prevail on the main issues...

    It is important to note that in the investors briefing Amanda keeps referring to the fact that Malaysia has now committed to a defined framework of requirements and Lynas can act on these tasks. For most of the past year we had no idea what was expected and when it needed to accomplished...

    Amanda also indicated that the next license would be of an administrative nature and one would have to wonder just how much more information even exists with regard to the re-license process. Instead the six month period throws a bone to Tack and company and gives Lynas plenty of time to continue to build the momentum it has achieved in recent days...

    At the end of the day I strongly feel that the recent decision goes a little deeper that it first appears. We basically have a contract with Malaysia to complete certain requirements and those requirements have been defined.The political black cloud looks a little smaller and you can bet that Amanda and company will give their usual best effort to accomplish all of the requirements to continue to operate...

    So much has changed in a year, it's good to see that many investors stuck with LYC as an investment, it isn't easy at times. IMO we are just beginning to turn the ship as far as the Malaysians are concerned and I think it will become harder and harder for the opposition to mount another attack. In any event it would appear that the "heavy lifting" has been completed and it appears we have a clear path forward...

    Amanda's laissez-faire strategy appears to be paying off and while most investors don't study the internals of LYC, those close to the story can see the significance in the recent developments.. . All in all It has been a tough road but it says a lot about the moral fortitude and perseverance of the folks at Lynas.  It's hard to see how they will fail... JMHO...
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