cleaning it up again

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    Once again Australia is cleaning up again after years of different methods in the economy of producing .

    Many will rember the days of casting the rubbish out the car window was normal.Dumping the rubbish in the bush was deemed ok .Well new era comming in now and look how much better our country has become.

    Litter in Australia is prevalent in many areas and a significant environmental problem, particularly in the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

    An anti-litter movement began in 1969 in Victoria with the formation of Keep Australia Beautiful. Its major anti-littering campaigns "Do the right thing" and "Tidy Towns" became well known nationally. Today, the most vocal organisation is Clean Up Australia which holds a national clean up day.

    There is currently no Government of Australia legislation against litter

    Legislation is generally considered the responsibility of either an States and territories of Australia (Environmental Protection Agency) or Local Government Areas. All states and territories now have legislation against littering which may include fines are enforceable by the police or other agents. Some state environmental protection agencies do online litter reports.

    [edit] Victoria

    In Victoria, the first legislation included the Environment Protection Act (1970) and later the Litter Act (1987).

    The Environmental Protection Agency (Victoria) was the first to facilitate report littering online (based on vehicle registration details) by introducing the appropriate legislation and dispense fines.

    [edit] Northern Territory

    Northern Territory followed with the Litter Act (1972).

    [edit] South Australia

    In South Australia the Container Deposit Legislation (1977) was introduced with the aim of reducing litter by encouraging recycling and remains the only state in Australia with this type of legislation[1].

    [edit] Western Australia

    Anti-litter legislation was introduced to Western Australia through the Litter Act (1979).

    [edit] Australian Capital Territory

    Litter legislation was introduced to the Australian Capital Territory with the Litter Regulations (1993).

    [edit] Queensland

    In Queensland, litter laws first came into place through the Environmental Protection Act (1994).

    [edit] New South Wales

    In New South Wales, legislation was introduced through the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

    [edit] Tasmania

    In Tasmania, anti-litter legislation was introduced through the Litter Act (2007).

    [edit] References

    I can remeber people thinking it was a load of rubbish !
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