AIM aim resources limited

classical case of pump and dump

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    Problems have not been addressed, zinc is in the ground and management still don't know what to do with it. Next news will be AIM installing coffee machine and aircondition in tin sheds around Perkoa, very interesting! In the mean while the only stuff AIM gona lift from their expensive kitty hole is water!

    This stock is a classical case of pumping and dumping by a few desparated. It will fall back down like a ton of brick when the court case is out. if AIM as attractive as they tried to tell investors they would have been eaten up by now by bigger players.

    Why they took so long and struggling to get offtake agreements sign if AIM is so attractive? has anyone wonder? may be other players be realistic and sure that AIM won't lift anything from their ground any soon so why bother tie up with an agreement.

    The only substantial move this stock can make is when the core issues with the management been addressed. Time to bring in professionals to do the professional job AIM.
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