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classic market play

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    lumacom offers the chance for a classic stock market play - but only for risk averse investors. if, in november, the shares are trading at $1, then those who did not get set at present prices, will be kicking themselves - they will look back, and wonder why they did not buy - after all, plenty of covereage on hot copper, and for those people in the west, a big newspaper article in the local paper. never the less, deals are not done, till the contracts are signed, and the revenue starts to flow. the deals done to date, are tantalizing, and are an indication of the future potential. the deals done, are not "pie in the sky" stuff, or hoped for things - they are done. if past deals, can be extrapolated into the future, then the outlook is rosy

    if on the other hand, the shares are trading at 20c in november, the sceptics will say "told you so" or "sucked in". this is the nature of the stockmarket. and those who could have sold at present prices, and made a profit - modest or otherwise - will be saying "gee, i should never have believed that nonsense" or "never trust those guys from the west

    for me, i am a risk averse investor, and am happy to take a position in something which seems to have some real potential. i have previously stated my position with respect to this stock - i hold, and will be holding. having said all of that , i will not be buying anymore. i first bought in at 7c, and bought the oppies at 2c. i converted the oppies at a cost of 20c per option - so my weighted cost is about 15c. if i was certain, it would be a sure thing, i would buy more, but i am comfortable with the number of shares that i have. experience has told me, that there is no such thing as a "certainty", on the stockmarket. i just hope that the profits i make on my "certainties", is greater than the losses that i make on my "certainties". so far, i seem to be doing comfortably well

    for lumacom, i see it as being a 5 to 1 chance, but offering 20 to 1 odds - good value
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