Class action against BOT manipulation /obvious illegal activity, page-140

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    Wrong ! It’s a crime something can always be done against a crime... and for the record I’ll be recording any bot pumps too. 

    If if you have given up on your money and the market I understand it’s not an easy task. 

    but I’ll keep working here as so far it Has completely stopped the criminals. Not 1 bot trade since this toe got over 5 k views. Trust me when I say this thread has Thousands of supporters. The only ones laughing are the criminals thinking they know the public is weak and useless ! my pms beg to differ Hahahahaha. Ignor the obvious criminals. 

    The criminals should note I’m documenting EVERYTHING and sending updates to asic everyday on KRR, and screw asic I’m not leaving there the history I collect and have already been for the last 6 months will form the best and easiest to see argument to go public and media with ever... 

    p.s don’t think you need bots to raise the price you don’t.  Fundamentals will do that and without a crazy fake rise you won’t get the drops and harsh and it will be an up and up journey obviously pending the fundamentals don’t go bad ! In that case fairs fair.

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