Class action against BOT manipulation /obvious illegal activity, page-137

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    Unfortunately they have.

    The irony is these kinds of discussions may be doing more damage to the stock than the bot's ever could. The fact of the matter is that small speculative stocks with low liquidity can be tampered with without much effort, harsh reality but ultimately we're talking pips here and price movement can just as easily go the other way.

    It's been glaringly obvious on numerous occasions that bots have pushed the KRR SP north although commentary always seems to be muted when this is the case. It works both ways.

    Bot's are simply part of the modern-day investment landscape, nothing can or will be done about them. All one can do is direct their energy towards more productive means, like in depth analysis of the company's fundamentals for example.

    @AlexanderJ invoked the serenity prayer, probably a good place to start.

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