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    I am the Managing Director of Lumacom and I often read the commentary surrounding our growth announcements for the US and European markets.

    There appears to be constant comment that "any hype" is about "getting the options exercised". I would like to clear this for those uninformed, once and for all. Lumacom is cash comfortable and with the Barcelona installation representing the first of a vast NETWORK of signs across Europe and USA (and eventually Asia) the company will be cash positive shortly. Lumacom is not "relying" on the exercise of the options for financial survival but expects recurring revenue to commence and increase positively into the new financial year.

    Lumacom's focus has always been on the strategy to develop large numbers of signs forming advertising networks on high profile sites across its regions. This is achieved in cooperation with major outdoor advertising groups such as Mega in Europe and property/advertising groups such as the JV in USA.

    The strategy brings the expertise of these groups with the uniqueness and cost advantages of Lumacom's product range to provide the ideal and most effective commercial formula for electronic signage to the outdoor signage industry. No other company can match the price criteria of products such as our LumaPanel system which holds a dominant industry niche and will build a lucrative cash revenue for the Company from advertising contracts world-wide for many years to come.

    As the Managing Director of Lumacom I will make no comment as to whether any party should buy or sell the Company's stock, nor will I make speculation on how amny signs we expect to install in the near future, however it is my responsibility to advise those shareholders of the positive direction the Company is taking and the promising and lucrative future Lumacom is entering as a direct result of its unique patented technology which is being embraced with excitement and considerable potential by its partners and associates well experienced and strongly positioned in the advertising industry.

    Lumacom is indeed "A sign of the times" and we hope those shareholders whom understand the concept of Lumacom's commercialization strategy will enjoy the valuable benefits as we move into this exciting and lucrative phase of the Company's growth. We see this as just the beginning or perhaps otherwise described as an all important "launch pad" for a giant leap forward into the international advertising arena, in which the Company feels very confident it will achieve a very dominant and recogniseable position.

    This is NOT "as good as it gets"........

    Rodd Sala
    Managing Director
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