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My first parcel in this stock was at 20.5c, and managed to...

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    My first parcel in this stock was at 20.5c, and managed to average down and sold all my holdings at 7c. However, my portfolio was deep in the red. I've renewed my interest in CLA due to the cobalt price bottoming and rising a bit, co being cashed up so no current risk of CR or shares being issued, the stock being smashed and now breaking out of its down-trend, and the likelihood of this co receiving a take over offer/JV, financing and/or offtake agreements due to the following reasons:

    - Very small number of Cobalt deposits

    - The necessity of cobalt's uses in EV batteries, e.g. thermal sustainence, cathode.

    - There's some talk about cobalt replacements, but I think anyone that has a little bit of knowledge in this field realises that this is complete bs, The likelihood of generating a replacement that can be mass-produced and supplied over a short period of time given recent news of car manufactueres turning all their attention to electric cars, e.g. Mercedes Benz. is out of the question

    - NZC is a good example, where it received a take over offer about 2 months ago. Same conditions, cobalt and SP were very low. Only difference is CLA's resource is much bigger, numbers will look better, infrastructure is more advanced and not being in the DRC will entail an ethical source of cobalt being provided which may generate further attraction

    - Pretty confident that this co already have their Scoping study/PFS made to showcase it to potential big companies that are interested in CLA

    - The price action as of late is clearly not a pump/dump, as there was no dump on Friday arvo (but rather being nicely accumulated) + large buy orders were going through. Clearly, something is brewing

    With this chart, we are clearly out of the downtrend. I think if 3.5 gets hit, it will gap up towards the 5-5.5c region.

    BOL Long term holders.
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