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cityview will soon be upgraded...

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    To refresh everyone’s memory...
    On the 4th January 2008 the share price was sitting at 28c.

    When this BRR Announcement came out... Have a listen!

    Since this date the following has occurred:
    -The 100million finance has been approved in a very short time
    -We further increased our shareholding in Fortitude
    -We were offered 3 diamond concessions with a guarantee of riches
    -We linked up with the powerful Falcon Group
    -MS was told by the Angolan’s to “just relax and it will happen” in relation to the Kwanza Permits.
    -We were given the promising Longonjo update
    -We have had MS and our Oil & Gas team headed by Mr Conrad Maher and our mining team headed by Mr Ian Egan summonsed to Angola for meetings and negotiations.

    CityView is now in a better position than ever before and major negotiations are now nearing conclusions. CityView is on the verge of being re-rated on many fronts.

    What is CityView trading at?

    What should CityView be trading at based on our current position?

    What will the value of CityView be when Kwanza permits are issued?

    What about all the other projects in the mix waiting an update... Catabola, Cameroon-North Matanda, Chipindo, Cachoeiras de Binga, Longonjo, Ucua, Niger Delta?, Dubai-Our foot in the door with 6% of Quest Energy Middle East, Indonesia-Sumatra and Java gas fields...???

    You be the judge!!!

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