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cityview is undervalued...

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    I believe that the time has come to get your final fills before we will take off to a higher altitude. I can’t believe that there has not been a gradual increase in the SP leading up to this week! MS has stated that Feb is crunch time for CityView and the importance of this month has been obvious for all to see with the gathering of CityView’s technical teams in Angola. MS has alluded to the fact that the importance of the occasion is not limited to the impending oil permits. This gives me great confidence in the management of this company. They keep raising the bar for them selves, which means it may take longer to get individual projects going but adds greater diversification for the company meaning the likelihood of a greater upside probability for share holders. There is so much wealth on offer in Angola and MS seems to putting his hands on everything.

    News is imminent in the coming weeks and from listening to MS’s latest broadcast my feeling is there will be a lot more than just the approval of the Kwanza basin to announce. A climax is coming... We hit 39c from belief in what was to come for CityView and that was even before we received the 100million finance needed for the Kwanza permit. We are now a few weeks further ahead and in a lot better position and a lot closer to company making announcements. In the future I believe that we will look back at Feb/08 as a time when we all had a great opportunity to accumulate more of CVI at a greatly undervalued price and a time for new investors to join the clan with a low cost versus risk equation.

    MS oozes confidence even when many holders had stopped believing and had run for the exit doors. That is a sign of a great leader. I just wish Ocker could moderate some of his confidence and encourage him to hold back from announcing deadlines for achieving goals. That will take the pressure off the SP, maintain confidence in CVI, take her out of the hands of the traders and increase the impact of the positive announcements to come in the future. What MS and the team have achieved in a relatively short time frame is amazing. The SP does not reflect the true value of this company. I believe that this week will be the last time we will see the SP below 20c.

    I’m a long-term holder and am not ramping, mealy speaking from observation.

    I wish good fortune for you all...
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