city link scam - melbourne

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    Ponder this.

    City link allows a motorist to buy 12 day passes per 12 month period.

    City link also knows when the motorist has used up his allocation or at what point he may be, yet will sell him as many day passes as he wishes.

    The average motorist does not keep a scorecard on the number of uses and assumes that if City Link is selling a ticket, obvioulsy the motorist is within his limits.

    Not so.

    It's even worse if you buy a ticket after you've used the freeway. No one warns you that 12 uses have been made.

    And it gets worse.

    Each offence or use, attracts a $100 fine. City Link waits about 6 months before they send you the fine notice, i.e. your first indication that 12 uses have been made.

    The chances are by then you have made more trips, having legitimately purchased a ticket either prior to the use or after use of the freeway.

    And not only have they taken the day toll money off you, you'll have to find another $100 to pay on top........of each use.

    Don't believe me? Try it!

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