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churchie 1a spudded.

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    11/12/2002 10:05:47
    Mosaic re drills with Nitrogen for best results


    HOMEX - Sydney

    At 0900 ESST, Mosaic Oil (49% - Operator) and its joint Venture
    Partner, Santos Limited (51%), spudded the Churchie 1A well in the
    Surat Basin in Queensland. The critical target zone will be drilled
    using Nitrogen.

    The new well, being drilled near the Churchie 1 well that flowed 1.3
    million cubic ft of gas a day when first drilled in 2001, is to seek
    stronger and more consistent gas flows.

    The total depth of the well is expected to be 2,140 metres.

    The well is situated in the newly awarded Production Licence PL 192
    where a pipeline is planned to be constructed in the first quarter of

    For more information:
    Don Willesee - Central Communications Public Affairs 02 9922 2244;
    Steven McDowell - Company Secretary 02 9247 9324;
    Dr Howard Brady - CEO Mosaic Oil NL 02 9247 9324.

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