chuck, re your tou.

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    Chuck I've just sent this letter to Pat:

    "I think chuck is an absulte intolerant idiot who'd rather use poltically correct language than say anything of value. He incites others to write TOU's. I find that most offensive, particularly in regards to language. There are many on this forum who use so called profanity. The profanity bit should be ignored. People get a little hot under the collar; but are they saying anything of value? Are they contributers to a good discussion or to one which always heads the same, biased, hateful way?
    They sit and whine and then send these tou's and again whine. Well, whining is of no value to anyone. The proper response is to answer the question: with or without profanity!
    Sorry Pat, but if I'm going to be executed, I wouldn't like it to be behind some tou! Rather to be told by the offended person what the offence is and perhaps I can rephrase, retract or even attack even further. In a lovely open forum like this only IDEAS should be measured. Bugger the offence. Put people on ignore if you can't stand them.
    There are plenty of rules in footy I hate, plenty of things, both the refs and the players do which offend me but I don't ban anyone. If I'm given the chance I might exchange a kind word or two between beers -my shout- but this dobbing crap should have its limitations, I think!
    I'll post this on the forum too, so that the people there will know how I feel about backstabbing and cowarding into the shadows. OK?
    Thanks, Pat."

    I don't like it, Pat! I don't like whining, backstabbing, dobbing, hatred and intolerance amongst a great number of things; and I'll do what you've just done just to show you that it hurts, though hurting is certainly not my intention, EVER!:

    I encourage other members of this forum who feel similarly, to send their TOU's... just for @@uck's sake!
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