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    Open Letter seeking a return of interest to Mr Market,

    Why have you abandoned me? You loved me before and I am sure you will love me again.

    Is it my body. Do you think I am to skinny?

    With my slender market capitalisation of $38m, I was once before much more beautiful with a fuller body. This is only temporary weight loss in preparation for an acceleration to brilliant full figure. I want you to know that I am doing my best to eat my way back into shape.

    Part of this feast will include some cosemtic surgery involving the pumping of copiuos amounts of water and gas to return me to my figure. I have laid down a five well pilot with the lining prepared and set ready for pumping. I am but days from commencing this exciting phase in my new life.

    Might I remind you the initial reason why my much richer partner initially found me so attractive was because they recognised my significant structure and did all they can to help lay down the foundation for me to build myself into the potential full figure they saw. $37m to be precise.

    Do not be afraid that I have already found a significant other. Monogamy is not my thing and there is room for you in here.

    I am also looking at other ways I can improve my figure and have identified some additional prospective leads in adjacent parts of my body (799) that will no doubt lead to futher potential being identified.

    You should be aware that I am not alone. There are others in the market who are also in pursuit of this full figured body; Carly Comet (COI), Belinda Blue (BUL) and Wanda the Wandering Westy (WCL) to be precise.

    You might be concerned that my prospective figure may be hard to transfer around when I hit full potential. Do not be afraid, Belinda Blue is already looking into this and I am sure that she will be succesful in looking after this not insignifcant matter of infrastructure.

    Fat is back baby.

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