christopher reeve lauds israelis' 'zest for life'

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    Look at what Israel is able to achieve for humanity even whilst this crazy intifada is going on.............

    Imagine what could come out of that tiny country.....which would benefit humanity, if only Arafat and his goons paid a visit to Saddams two sons........and decided to stay!

    In farewell, Christopher Reeve lauds Israelis' 'zest for life'

    Ending his fourth day in Israel, actor Christopher Reeve spoke Thursday night at Beith Halochem in Tel Aviv regarding his time in Israel and his impressions of the land and people.

    "I've seen a lot in only four days, it's been amazing how much I've seen and how much I'll be able to take home with me," he stated. Reeve came to Israel this week to visit victims of spinal cord injury and to observe advances in therapy for spinal cord injuries.

    During his address, he spoke of how impressed he was with the work of the Technion and the Weizmann Institute in the realm of spinal cord injury, and repeatedly stressed, "how much the entire country cares about the health and welfare of all the people who live here."

    Scientists, caregivers, and the patients are working hard and with "great urgency" he said, to keep up the spirit of life which he stated is at the heart of Israeli character.

    "The Israeli people are so full of life, so full of life, and no disability, nothing can take that away," he commented.

    Reeve said that upon returning to America he would encourage everyone he knew to come to Israel. Contrary to preconceptions of Israel as a "formal place with very serious people," he stated, he found that it was a place for "fun, this is a place for laughter and food and dancing and celebrating... and no matter what adversity comes your way you take it with courage and you take it with grace and your zest for life is something that we all can learn from."

    As a parting message to the injured and wounded in Israel, Reeve said "my heart goes out to you, all of you that have suffered I hope there will be peace, I believe there will be peace and I can only say that it is fortunate that so many people care."

    Asked whether he felt it would take a superhero to solve Israel's present problems, Reeve, famous for his multiple Superman movies, replied, " we all have powers within ourselves- these forces of courage of endurance, of faith of love, that we can call on to get us through difficult times."

    The real power, he later continued, is to be found in "the ordinary hero within all of us. Don't expect anybody to drop out of the sky and just fix it all for you. I think we can do it ourselves."

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