***christmas : bali bombing remembrance: victims**

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    I was friends with one of the victims, Jodie Cearns and their families should always be considered in these times.

    May all Australians send their best wishes to the families of Bali bomb victims for Christmas and may your lost ones never be forgotten but always be in the hearts of those that knew them so well.

    Absolute tragedy which will be felt for many years to come. Simply beautiful people gone.


    Mourners light candles on the beach in the resort of Kuta

    202 people died two years ago, in the worst incident ever
    To occur in the peaceful land of Bali.

    The bomb set off in front of popular local clubs of Sari Club

    And Pady's, killing both foreign tourists and locales, destroying cars,

    buildings and houses in the vicinity.

    The incident also made a major impact to the lives of the people of Bali.

    Just a few weeks after the incident,

    The amount of tourists travelling to Bali,

    Which is the life for the people of Bali,

    Decerased rapidly, forcing many local businesses to shut down,

    Simply because there are no customers.

    These are the list of people whose lives

    Were lost in the fateful incident.


    Aaron James Lee Australian
    Abbey Renae Borgia Australian

    Achmad Suharto Indonesian

    Adam Lionel Howard Australian

    Agus Suheri Indonesian

    Alexandra Koppke German

    Alexandre Moraes Watake Brazillian

    Amber O'Donnel Australian

    Andrea Hore Australian

    Andrew Dobson Australian

    Angela Golotta Australian

    Angela Simone Gray Australian

    Angelica Kohnke German

    Annete Overgard Jensen Denmark

    Annika Linden British

    Anthony Francis Cachia Australian

    Anthony Jean Underwood French

    Anthony Stewart Australian

    Arismunandar Unkown

    Aviles Marcillo Ana Cecilia Equador

    Behic Sumer Australian

    Belinda Allen Australian

    Ben Roberts Australian

    Billy Hardy Australian

    Bradley Charles Ridley Australian

    Brandes, Bettina Christina German

    Breant, Guillame French

    Bredford, Christopher British

    Bronwyn Louise Cartwright Australian

    Bronwyn Robin Maude Ross Australian

    Buchan, Gerardine (Gerry) Australian

    Buchan, Steve Australian

    Byron John Hancock Australian

    Byron, Chloe Blanche Australian

    Carina Rafling Swedish

    Carol Jane Johnstone Australian

    Caterin Patricia Seelin Australian

    Charles Richard Van Renen Australian

    Christina Betmalik Australian

    Christopher John Kays British

    Claudia Dietlinde Theile German

    Clint Nathan Thompson Australian

    Clive Walton British

    Corey James Paltridge Australian

    Craig Jeffrey Dunn Australian

    Craig Russel Harty South African

    Daniel Keith Braden British

    Danny Robert Lewis Australian

    David Cameron Ross Australian

    David John Mavroudis Australian

    David Kent British

    Dean Richard Gallagher Australian

    Deborah Anne Borgia Australian

    Deborah Lea Snodgrass American

    Dimitra Kotronakis Australian

    Dimitri Panagoulas Greek

    Donna Loraine Croxford Australian

    Edward de Warrenne Waller British

    Elizabeth Kotranakis Australian

    Emma Louise Fox British

    Endang Indonesian

    Eun Young Moon Korean

    Faturrahman Indonesian

    Francoise Rose Dahan Australian

    Gayle Airline Australian

    George Hamilton Milligan American

    Gerald Michael Yeo Australian

    Gian Andrea Ruup Switzerland

    Gregory Raymond Sanderson Australian

    Ian Findley British

    Imawan Sarjono Indonesian

    Jacob C Young III American

    James Berklley Hardman Australian

    Jamie Wellington New Zealander

    Jane Roselyn Corteen Australian

    Jared James Gane New Zealander

    Jason Stokes Australian

    Jennifer Ann Murphy Australian

    Jenny Norma Corteen Australian

    Jessica O'Donnel Australian

    Jodie Cearns Australian

    Jodie Leigh Wallace Australian

    Jodie O'Shea Australian

    Johanna Bergander Swedish

    John Christian Redman British

    Jonathan Andrew Wade Australian

    Jonathan Ellwood British

    Joshua Iliffe Australian

    Joshua Kevin Deegan Australian

    Julie Stevenson Australian

    Justin Lee Australian

    Kadek Beni Prima Indonesian

    Kadek Sukerna Indonesian

    Karri Jane Cosner American

    Kathy Sarvatori Australian

    Kosuke Suzuki Japanese

    Kou Hui Min - Kuo Eve Taiwan

    Kristen Curnow Australian

    Laerke Cecille Bodker Danish

    Lee Anthony Sexton Australian

    Linda Eileen Makawana Australian

    Linda Kronquist Swedish

    Lionel Henri Erisey French

    Lise Tanghus Knudsen Denmark

    Louise Gustafsson Uirika Louise Swedish

    Louiza Zervos Australian

    Lucy Sandra Empson British

    Lynette Patricia McKeon Australian

    Marc Berry Gajardo Switzerland

    Maria Johansson Swedish

    Marie Cecile Wendt German

    Marissa Lee McKeon Australian

    Mark Antonio Schippers Dutch

    Mark Morton Parker New Zealander

    Mattew Lucas Bolwerk Australian

    Megan Eileen Heffernan American

    Mervin Peter Popadynec Canadian

    Michael Standring Australian

    Michelle Gai Dunlop Australian

    Miller Nathaniel Thomas British

    Mochamad Khotib Indonesian

    Mugianto Indonesian

    Natalie Jayne Perkins British

    Nathan Gregory Swain Australian

    Neil Bowler British

    Nicole Harrison Australian

    Paul Martin Hussey British

    Paul William Cronin Australian

    Peter Carlo Basioli Australian

    Peter Clifford John Record British

    Rebecca Marie Cartledge Australian

    Renae Marie Anderson Australian

    Robert Alan McCormick II American

    Robert JamesMarshall Australian

    Robert Thwaites Australian

    Roberto Antonio Sbironi Italian

    Robyn Webster Australian

    Sander Harskamp Dutch

    Scott Lysaght Australian

    Sereina Liesch Switzerland

    Shane John Foley Australian

    Shane Patrick Walsh Till Australian

    Simone Hanley Australian

    Stacey Lee Australian

    Stephen James Speirs British

    Steven Brooks Webster American

    Susan Lona Ogier Australian

    Suzanne Ames Maloney Australian

    Sylvia Dalais Australian

    Thomas Edward Homby Holmes British

    Timothy Hawkins Australian

    Timothy John Arnold Unknown

    Tom Singer Australian

    Tracey Thomas Australian

    Udo Paul Hauke German

    Vanessa Anne Walder Australian

    Yuka Suzuki Japanese

    P.S. Will do everything in my power to ensure the imprisoned Schapelle Leigh Corby in Bali on suspected drug importation charges is released. We don't deserve another senseless death irrespective of her motives imho. The Australian government should not be ignorant to her pleas.

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