christians to the lions

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    Today is fish day (if you are a catholic) so I thought it might be an appropriate day to have a dig at the silly beliefs of the christians to give our jewish friends a break. Eating things on a certain day is as dumb as not eating certain things (e.g. bacon/pork).

    We sit in out comfortable homes and offices and lambast the growth of Islam in our society and 'worship' those that denounce these people and their migration here. This is done by folk generally referred to as 'christians' and yet 'christians' have never been phased about journeying into other peoples cultures and trying to sell them the idea they have the answer to life. And it is still happening today.

    An example: I often listen to the radio laying in bed late at night just to unwind as that time is often good for a bit of light relief - you get the conspiracy theorists, the clairvoyants, numerologists and god botherers in the chair at that time of day. (In fact anyone of them would probably be interchangeable with the other). Anyway one night it was the godbotherers turn, I believe from memory it was Gordon Moyes head of the Uniting Church, and he was interviewing a couple of missionaries who repeatedly go into China smuggling in Bibles and trying to convert the poor to christianity. Moyes was applauding them and saying how wonderful it was that they were taking the message of Jesus to the world.

    Just imagine the outcry if muslim clerics tried to do the same thing here - there have alsready been rumblings about approaches to our aboriginal population. They are attempting to take over, denounce them as evil, caste them out cry the bigots many of whom are applauding the missionary work of the christians. Two faced hypocrites.

    It is not as if there is a great deal of truth in the christian story book. It is equally false as the jewish one, written by a handful of people to create a living for themselves and make them top of the economic tree. Feeding 5,000 with a few small fishes and a couple of bread rolls - roflol - is as dumb as Noah and the Ark or the Garden of Eden. Could have been done with half a dozen whales and a Tip Top bakery but give us a break who do they think they are kidding.

    The Roman's had the right idea in the first place of feeding these invaders and polluters to the lions until they must have figuered there was money and power in it and Rome became the spiritual home to the wailing hordes. The mafia has always been good at cornering the market for valuable products but their Spanish friends took to the godbothering like ducks to water and robbed, raped and pillaged in the name of Jesus - a person that never existed.

    The Christians have an awful lot to answer for but one thing you have to give them, they were good salesmen. They stitched up the pagans good and proper by inventing Jesus and his birthday on the winter solstice and his death at the spring festival, it gave the pagans extra things to have a beer for. No doubt about it, con artists extradinaire.

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