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chinguetti 4-5, offshore mauritania

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    Hardman Resources Ltd (“Hardman”) provides the following weekly progress report on
    the drilling of the Chinguetti 4-5 well, PSC Area B, offshore Mauritania:
    Project Description: The Chinguetti 4-5 Appraisal/Early Development Well
    (“AEDW”) is being drilled on the south western part of the
    field approximately 900m northwest of the Chinguetti-1
    discovery well. The well will be completed suitably for long
    term production and an extended production test (1-2 week
    production period) is planned. The well would thereafter be
    suspended pending commissioning of production facilities in
    late 2005.
    (Previous 7 days to
    08:00 hours (Perth) 9/9/03)
    The well, located in 820m of water, was spudded on
    4 September and an 18 inch (457mm) hole was drilled to
    1,682m. The 13? inch (340mm) casing was run and cemented.
    Current operation is installing the blowout preventers (BOPs).
    Geology &
    Hydrocarbon Shows:
    Hydrocarbon shows will only be reported after wireline logs
    have been run and evaluated.
    Participants in the Chinguetti 4-5 well and PSC Area B are:
    Woodside Mauritania Pty Ltd (Operator) 35.0%
    AGIP Mauritania BV 35.0%
    Hardman Resources Ltd 21.6%
    Fusion Mauritania B Limited 6.0%
    Roc Oil (Mauritania) Company 2.4%
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