It is fairly common knowledge that China has a large position in...

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    It is fairly common knowledge that China has a large position in U.S Treasury bonds. It has also been speculated that this holding can (and has) been used to influence American Policy.

    My question is this: Does anyone have any research on Chinese controlled investments in U.S Equities?

    i am not given to conspiracy theories, but recent executive decisions seem unusually erratic, even for Donald Trump.

    it would not take a great deal of Chinese cash being withdrawn from fund managers to create

    the current market action and sentiment. In fact, it would be a logical response to U.S tariffs and belligerence.

    The sudden withdrawal from Syria (which pleases the Russians) and the proposed Afghanistan wind down (which may help the Chinese belt and road project), May indeed be a response to back room negotiations.

    Given the relative health of the Global economy, the recent negativity is looking a little over done imo.

    Question is, could some judicious withdrawal of Command Economy Capital being withdrawn in thin, end of year markets be an excercise of Political leverage? A buying opportunity? Or both?

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