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chinese market material in the med long term

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    There is no doubt that, if judged on population only, Chinese market will be the most important market for Sirtex. But the fact is that Sir-spehers are not cheap and most Chinese won't be able to afford it.
    Sir-spheres costs more than 14K USD per dosage and most Chinese do not even earn that in a YEAR.

    At least over the next 5 years, the share price of Sirtex will be determined by it success in US and ,to a smaller extent, Western Europe.

    As the middle class Chinese gets wealthier over time, it is likely that more Chinese will be able to afford expensive treatment like sir-spheres. But that's not likely to happen overnight.

    Any reasonably conservative valuation based on cancer figures of the wealthy developed countries will show that the value of Sirtex is multiple of the currenct share price.

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