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    Chinese road toll hits 90,000

    New statistics released in China have revealed nearly 90,000 people have died in traffic accidents across the country this year.

    Car sales in China are booming by about 50 per cent a year.

    China, which has a population of over one billion, still has nowhere near the same level of car ownership as Australia but the road toll is staggering.

    China's official news agency says traffic accidents in the first 10 months of this year claimed 85,666 lives.

    More than 400,000 other people were also injured.

    The high accident rate is blamed on the combination of new drivers, poor roads, and a lax attitude to traffic laws.

    The new statistics enforce China's growing reputation as one of the world's most dangerous places to drive.

    Story Posted: Friday, November 14, 2003 08:19:02 AEST

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